Senior Engineer
  • TMGEC 002

  • TMGEC 005

  • TMGEC 007

  • TMGEC 006

  • TMGEC 004

  • TMGEC 003


Licensed Engineer for a minimum of 5 years with 10 years minimum overall engineering experience.


  • Preparation (drafting and supervision) construction documents for small, medium and large scale projects
  • Supervision and coordination of engineering staff on assigned projects
  • Complete self-directed original construction detail design and drafting
  • Perform in-depth code reviews and analysis on assigned projects along with engineering design calculations such as Com-Check
  • Comprehensive engineering and architectural drawing coordination and checking
  • Comprehensive shop drawing review and coordination
  • Perform occasional “marketing” assignments to procure additional business
  • Take part in management of the firm and directly oversee operations of the engineering departments
  • Participate in determining the direction of the firm
  • All phases of marketing, presentation, and client relationships, including preparation of fee proposals and contracts
  • Review performances of all staff members
  • All phases of permits and approvals acquisition
  • All phases of design for buildings of virtually any size or complexity for their respective engineering discipline
  • Supervision of Project teams or departments
  • Coordinate with project team the production of construction documents including:
  • Assisting with design of original construction details
  • Assist teams with code reviews on projects
  • Quality control review of construction documents for progress, errors, and omissions
  • Specification writing/reviewing
  • Performing all engineering calculations for their respective engineering discipline
  • Bid administration
  • All phases of construction administration
  • Post construction reviews and post-occupancy surveys
  • Administration including but not limited to:
  • Reviewing and approving vacation requests for project teams
  • Review team’s time sheets
  • Profitability of projects under their control
  • Coordinate department’s workload / time management