316 West Washington
- Madison, Wisconsin

For this project, Matrix Group teamed with the building Owner (Hovde Properties) and Dimensions IV Architecture in Madison, WI to do a complete building assessment of this 10-story office building with 3 levels of underground parking located near the Capitol Square in Madison, WI.   The building was constructed and occupied by AT&T for both telecommunications functions and office space.   The office spaces are being redeveloped by the Owner into separately metered spaces for office “gray box” tenant build out.   The project was to include a complete renovation of the common spaces such as entry lobby areas and elevator lobby areas, along with some minor upgrades to the parking levels.   The building was also to be brought up to current code compliance and much communications was done with the Madison Fire Department to determine the extent of this work.


For MEP systems, the project required a complete review of the existing system on all floors to determine both their condition and functionality.   Much of the HVAC and Plumbing systems were in good shape and just required updates to accommodate the future tenants with the replacement of some aging equipment.  The electrical distribution system is being renovated to eliminate older equipment nearing the end of the life, including switchboards, distribution panels and branch circuit panelboards.   Also, the generator set and automatic transfer switched for standby power had reached the end of life and required replacement.    Our office developed a complete MEP and fire protection building assessment report with recommendations for future work.   This report along with our supporting documentation was used to bid the project by the General Contractor (CG Schmidt) to prospective MEP contractors.   From this point, the project was to be completed in a design-build arrangement with the MEP Contractors.   However, we did stay involved in the design of the project in an assisting role for the design-build MEP Contractors.  This included equipment sizing and calculations, along with lighting design assistance.


Size: 111,668 square foot renovation

Status: In Construction

Categories: Commercial

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    Dimension IV

    Exterior Rendering

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    Dimension IV

    Interior Corridor Rendering

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    Dimension IV

    Exterior Patio Rendering