Aldo Leopold Legacy Center
- Baraboo, Wisconsin

Mechanical system designed for this facility is based on ground source water-to-water heat pump technology that provides facility heating and cooling through a radiant floor system.  An earth-tube air tempering system is designed to allow the earth to assist with pre-cooling or pre-heating incoming ventilation air.  The main air handling unit is equipped with a UV lamp filtering system that delivers ventilation air utilizing displacement ventilation techniques.
Energy recovery ventilators are also utilized to capture waste heat from discharged return air.  Outdoor air quantities are monitored and controlled using carbon dioxide detection sensors.  HVAC controls also monitor outdoor temperature conditions to determine when opening windows or operation of mechanical equipment is most appropriate to satisfy space comfort requirements.
The designed plumbing system provides primary domestic hot water from an evacuated tube solar panel system located on the roof.  Water conserving plumbing fixtures include dual flush toilets and waterless urinal technology.

Size: 11,900 sf

Status: Completed 2007

Categories: Educational, LEED

  • TKWA Aldo Leopold Legacy Center 002

    Geothermal Field & Exterior Conference & Offices

  • TKWA Aldo Leopold Legacy Center 003

    Exhibit Hall

  • TKWA Aldo Leopold Legacy Center 001 Home

    Earth Tube Pre-tempering System

  • TKWA Aldo Leopold Legacy Center 004

    Office Space