Badger Middle School
- West Bend, Wisconsin

The Badger Middle School project was $27,000,000 awarded project that included the demolition of the original 1920’s classroom wing, the renovation of the existing gymnasium/natatorium facility, and the addition of a new two-story library/classroom wing.
Unique mechanical system designs included a new central ice storage plant.  This system creates ice during the evening and night hours when energy rates are less expensive.  The ice is allowed to melt during the daytime occupied hours to create chilled water for air conditioning the school.  A secondary chiller plant was designed as a supplemental/back-up system for the air conditioning plant.  A new central hot water boiler system was designed to replace the original steam boiler plant.
Three-dimensional modeling techniques were used to assist with ductwork installation and mechanical room layouts.  This successful project was completed in February 2011.

Size: 125,000 sf

Status: Completed 2011

Categories: Educational

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    New Entrance

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    Ice Storage System

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