Milwaukee County Greenhouse
- Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Due to a major highway reconstruction project, the existing Milwaukee County Parks Department greenhouses were torn down.  Seven new, state of the art replacement greenhouses were constructed on the Mitchell Park premises adjacent to the famous Milwaukee County Domes.

Notable MEP design items included:

  • Hydronically heated radiant floors provide primary greenhouse heat.
  • Hydronically heated soil beds are furnished in one of the greenhouses.
  • Collection, storage, filtered, bacterial controlled, and reuse of rainwater provided from four buried 20,000 gallon storm harvesting storage tanks.
  • Fertilized water, and harvested storm water for irrigation purposes are piped to all greenhouses.
  • Greenhouse automation system was developed to control water sources to individual greenhouses, as well as to each planting bench within each greenhouse.¬† This includes over 40 individual, schedulable locations of irrigation.
  • Greenhouse cooling is provided from an evaporative falling water cooler.
  • Automated lighting and shading devices are provided to control blooming of plantings.
  • Emergency generation to keep the entire complex operational at all times.

Size: 66,530 sf

Status: Completed

Categories: Municipal

  • TKWA Milwaukee Greenhouses 006

    Head House

  • TKWA Milwaukee Greenhouses 002


  • TKWA Milwaukee Greenhouses 004

    Exhibit Greenhouse

  • TKWA Milwaukee Greenhouses 003

    Head House

  • TKWA Milwaukee Greenhouses 005

    Connecting Corridor