WinCo Foods
- Phoenix, Arizona

WinCo Foods recently completed construction of their approximately 1 million square foot food warehouse distribution facility.  Mechanical systems were designed with energy recovery units in concert with locker room and break room area rooftop units that require large amounts of ventilation air to meet code requirements.  Ten rooftop units, ranging in size from 10 to 35 tons each, air condition administrative and office areas with individual variable air volume (VAV) reheat boxes for temperature controllability at each office or zone.

Battery charging areas are provided with natural gas fired make-up air units interlocked with associated exhaust fans.  Battery charging ventilation is then controlled from local hydrogen gas detectors.  If hydrogen gas (hydrogen gas is released during battery charging) is accumulated within the space that exceed levels dictated by code, the ventilation system will energize to dilute these areas with fresh air.   This type of system permits intermittent use of the make-up air units and exhaust fans only when required, to save energy.

Plumbing systems also include an acid waste system.  Plumbing systems capture acid waste from battery charging equipment and battery charging floor areas.  Special acid resistant piping and floor drains collect and route waste to an acid neutralization basin.  Once neutralized, waste is pumped and discharged to sanitary system.

Size: 901,668 square feet

Status: Completed 2014

Categories: Industrial

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    Cold Warehouse Dock

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