Low Voltage Systems

Low Voltage Systems

We also offer full service engineering and design on a variety of low-voltage systems, when needed based on the project requirements.   Often in building construction, low voltage systems are furnished by design-build contractors.  By keeping the design and specification of these systems within the project bidding documents, an Owner can maintain more control of the scope and level of quality for these systems.   Examples of low-voltage systems include the following:

  • Telecommunications Distribution System
    • Fiber Optic Backbone
      Single-Mode or Multi-Mode
    • Data – Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable
    • Voice – Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cable
    • Cable TV – Coaxial RG6 cable
    • Wireless Access (WAP) Connectivity
  • Nurse Call systems
    • Wired Systems
    • Wireless Systems (UL 1069 – 7th Edition)
  • Audio-Visual (A/V) Systems
    • Visual Projectors or Wall Monitors
    • Sound enhancement
  • Emergency Call System
    (UL 2560 – 1st Edition)
  • Video Surveillance Systems
    (CCTV – Closed Circuit TV)
  • Access Entry Intercom System
  • Access Controls
  • Paging or Public Address (PA) System
  • Wander Guard Management