TMGEC presentation EUA PLMB

Plumbing Engineering

Our approach to plumbing engineering is more than simply making sure that fluids flow down-hill.  Owner interface with plumbing fixtures, how the public will engage and utilize, fixture esthetics, energy usage, energy recovery, piping materials, space constraints, and water conservation are just a few topics that should be considered when designing plumbing systems.  Our group of engineers has designed and implemented systems in the following areas of plumbing:

  • Stormwater harvesting systems for irrigation as well as sanitary uses
  • High efficiency and waterless plumbing fixture selections
  • Solar thermal domestic hot water systems
  • Healthcare and Senior Living plumbing systems
  • Commercial Kitchen domestic water and greasy waste systems
  • Industrial and process waste plumbing designs
  • Multi-story plumbing systems
  • Use of sovent waste system design
  • LEED/Sustainable green-building design strategies
  • Facility assessments