Mechanical Room and Kitchen | Towne Center
Mechanical Room and Kitchen | Towne Center

Revit Services

The Matrix Group provides a variety of Revit services for our clients. Primarily, offering discipline modeling for new buildings, remodels, renovations, additions and phased construction. Models maybe individual disciplined or combinations of Mechanical HVAC and Plumbing, Electrical Power, Lighting, and Low Voltage, and Fire Protection which allows for collaboration and coordination between all trades. We meet as a modeling team early on with our architect partners to review the nuances of Revit and our systems to achieve the best model possible.

In addition, we offer family creation services for our manufacturer clients. When an architectural client requests a component to be included for their project, it doesn’t always make sense to purchase the software and obtain the training to produce Revit families. From original SolidWorks, Inventor, and AutoCad 3D, we have built families to the clients expectations providing dynamic geometry, multiple detail levels, type catalogs and MEP connectors.

The Matrix Group has also provided Revit training. Whether it is to assist a small firm beginning to implement Revit or specific training to build families. We can adapt to provide the training you need.